Alkomat-Patrouille the Original – since 2001

Alkomat-Patrouille has been providing breathalyzer (breath-alcohol) tests at private parties, corporate events, public venues and in clubs since 2001. We are to be found wherever alcohol is relevant– from a small local festival to the Oktoberfest in Munich, from après-ski events in ski areas to beach clubs!

We wear unique police-like uniforms and become part of the party in a discreet and charming way. The guests are given an opportunity to check their breath-alcohol with high-quality equipment for a small fee. We use the breath-analyzers of Dräger, an internationally renowned supplier of measurement technology; which is also used by police in most European  countries. We also regularly service and calibrate the measurement equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions to ensure accurate results.

If the customers are interested, we also explain the answers to relevant questions like mouth alcohol, and how quickly alcohol levels increase and decrease after drinking alcohol.

At the same time, we are committed to responsible drinking and contributing to a party atmosphere as an entertaining “walking act”

Responsible drinking …

A sensible approach to drinking is important to us, especially where it concerns young people and the driving of cars. We believe that preventive measures should not be limited to information campaigns and severe fines. We prefer to address the issue at the point of origin – at parties, festivals and in clubs. It is here that we get much closer to the target groups. Our unique police-like presence already ensures that most guests are reminded of issues like responsible drinking and “don’t drink and drive”. This is a most effective and efficient approach to sensible drinking.

In our 14 years of experience, we frequently see that people often have a wrong estimate of their own alcohol level, and/or are not even capable of estimating it at all!

We also explain that our test is a snap-shot and that alcohol levels can increase and decrease over time. This is particularly important to remember if one is possibly driving a car after drinking alcohol. We also stress that being just under the legal limit is no safeguard for driving. This is how we avoid people using our alcohol tests to drink to the (legal) limit.

… with fun

People will often either decide beforehand who will be the driver for the evening, or agree to use a taxi; and just want to know who will pay the next round of drinks.

Some might just want to try a breathalyzer for the first time, or want to know if there is any alcohol still remaining from the two beers which he or she drank for dinner.

In all these cases, and many more; we are also there to provide amusing entertainment.

However we do not support drinking contests where the one with the highest alcohol level wins. Responsible drinking will always be important to us.